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About Singapore

A diverse cultural heritage, a thriving modern economy, a global centre of commerce and trade, a business-friendly economy –make Singapore attractive to the international students. The country depicts a rare blend of Asian schooling and Western practices and ensures it a top-rank among global universities.

Many foreign universities based in US, UK, and Australia, have opened their satellite campuses in Singapore and their attraction brings the best Asian academic talent to Singapore. Another advantage of studying in Singapore is that the government pays 75% of the tuition fee for the student; and the student has to work for 3 years there. Indian students, with outstanding academic merit, are eligible for undertaking the 5-star program. Singapore is the top 11th country worldwide, and first in Asia, for its pursuing first grade higher education. Singapore Polytechnics bring a high degree of professionalism, competitiveness and improvement, and offer Quality Assurance.

The tuition fee is low and affordable, and the cost of living is lower compared to developed countries. Moreover there is a tendency to offer scholarships, bursaries and study loans on merit basis. There is a Student Protection Scheme in case PEI (Private Education Institutions) ceases to operate, become insolvent, do not pay penalties, or close shop. Voluntary EduTrust Certification Scheme is a prerequisite to be met by private education institutions that enroll international students.

Singapore has a safe environment where the Crime rate is low.

The choice of a course and the type of scholarship is important in Singapore. Scholarships help a student with academic excellence and prestige to further the journey of his/her career.

Scholarships issued by local universities, are popular and Business Administration remains the best option of study.

For graduates, banking finance services, airlines, and travel industry are hugely popular.

Being the hot spot for education in South East Asia; Singapore stands as a solid connecting bridge between the east and west of the world. The multi cultural diversity it has imbibed in itself because of inflow of different countries’ immigrants to study, work and live has converted Singapore into a metropolitan nation. Education, among other industries in Singapore is a hot cake and all credit goes to its amazing infra structure and gleaming standards of the institutions located in there. Let’s take a tour of Singapore’s education!

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